About Us

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GASTOM Ltd is a fast growing company working in the gas and water pipework sector.

From the very beginning we have set our priority the deliver professional services and safety guaranteed use of natural gas in homes, apartments and public buildings.
Highly qualified staff, which has all the necessary permissions, carries their tasks with the greatest care in the safety and satisfaction of our customers, that’s our highest goals.

Intense competition in the market and the growing expectations of our customers require more and more perfect service. Therefore, proposed by GASTOM Ltd. services like Commercial Heating, Commercial Catering, Catering gas engineering; products and equipment used to carry out any work on gas and water systems are from reputable world companies and have the all necessary certificates.

We strive to ensure that our offer is the most suited to the needs and expectations of our customers, that is why we focus primarily on the reliable service, speed, and flexibility.

The experience gained allows us professional advice and expert execution of work entrusted to us, which is why we always guarantee a high standard and reliability of our services and our solutions and technologies.

Long-term presence in the market has allowed us to gain recognition and reputation among our customers.

You can trust our EXPERIENCE and feel SAFE.